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the news yesterday.

May 2, 2011

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Because she can say it so much more eloquently than I can, I’m reposting my sister’s essay about the news last night that Osama bin Laden had been assassinated. I know there are so many emotions surrounding this news, and there’s a lot that I think about it, but I’m not sure how much of that I want to say. This is better. Please read what my sister, Chelsea, wrote so beautifully:

“Violence is the end to nothing but innocence”

In the early hours of September 11, 2001, I was already in mourning. I awoke and dressed in my nice black pants and a black sweater. They were two items I wore often, but this was the first time I wore them together – a choice made out of propriety rather than fashion.

My grandfather had died two days prior, and I was preparing to attend his funeral that morning. At the age of 12, I was unfamiliar with death, and my thoughts were occupied with questions about what the ceremony would be like. Would my grandpa still look the same? Would people be crying? Would they really put that shiny coffin in the ground forever?

I was in my room fixing my hair or looking for my shoes when Dad came in and said to go watch the TV. “I think we’ve been attacked,” he said.

As I stood alone in the living room, watching the news ticker roll on beneath the image of a flaming skyscraper, I was confused. Television was scripted, packaged, produced. Consumer-friendly. Listening to the news anchors scramble for information with fear behind their voices, I was stirred by the realization that anything could happen in that moment, on camera, for all the world to see.

The second tower was hit, and I watched bodies leap from the burning buildings. I felt as if I had stumbled onto one of those channels I wasn’t allowed to watch. This was rated R. It would give me nightmares. Trying to escape the plume of smoke barreling down upon them, strangers ran for their lives, covering their faces with cloth, eyes bugged out in horror. Somebody should protect me from seeing this. But my parents sat with me in the living room and neither of them moved to change the channel or shield my eyes. Was I old enough for this?

I heard Mom talking to my uncle on our home telephone. The funeral ‑ which was to take place on a military base to honor my grandfather’s service ‑ would be postponed. All bases were closed in response to the national emergency.

National emergency. A phrase that soon became as familiar to me as terrorism, threat levels, airport security, suicide bombers, IEDs and Osama bin Laden.


“Are you watching the news?” the text message read. My friend John and I had just been at my house, working to build a garden in my front yard. John returned home at the end of the day, while I retreated to my kitchen to wash dishes.

“No,” I texted back. “What happened?”

“Osama bin Laden is dead.”

I opened my laptop and found a live cable news feed.

Ten years later, our president tells me, “justice has been served.”


September 11 was the day that death entered my world. And, much like the news ticker scrolling across the TV screen that day, death has remained ever since, ceaselessly advancing in the background.

Twelve casualties in a suicide bombing in Baghdad.
Three American troops lost in a friendly fire accident.
Twenty-three civilians killed, dozens injured in a bus bombing in London.
Anthrax sent to a political office.
War rages on in northern Africa.
Genocide in Uganda and the Congo.
An unidentified shooter opens fire on an American college campus,
an Amish schoolhouse,
a Texas military base,
a congresswoman in Arizona.
Soldiers descend on a compound in Abottabad.

Osama bin Laden may be dead, but the horror he introduced to my generation has become a virus no assassination can cure. We have been at war for nearly half my life, and I don’t expect it to end any time soon. I have learned to live in a country that is always on its toes, suspicious and fearful of outsiders. In a strange replacement of rights for regulations, I bare myself at the airport for some unnamed security officer who declares that I, the victim, am not in fact the perpetrator.

My grandfather, a decorated veteran of two world wars, sacrificed his health and waged his life in the name of liberty and justice for all. He was not even able to be buried without incident due to the carnage that rages on in our world despite those sacrifices. That tragedy awakens me to a glaring truth: violence is the end to nothing but innocence. I will not contribute to it. Instead I will work in my garden, trying to live in this world as it should be, and not as it is.


My first-ever guest blog!

April 28, 2011

Today marks a monumental day in Anything Lovely history–my first post as a guest blogger! My dear friend Nikki (follow her @NRich14!), who also happens to have her own amazing fashion blog, Bedazzles After Dark, invited me to post while she’s on vacation in Italy. My blog is up today, and, no surprise here, it’s about the royal wedding! Particularly about Kate vs. Diana fashion. Please go check it out and bookmark her site!

Dumb Things I Want: Part 2 (PLUS: Luscious Lids!)

April 27, 2011

There is just too much royal wedding memorabilia to pass up doing a second “dumb things I want” post (here’s my first post). In addition, I’ve become obsessed with British formal headwear. So I’ve also included some photos of the best hats and fascinators I’ve found! Here’s to hoping the hat tradition strikes with a vengeance this side of the pond (beyond the Kentucky Derby)!!

First, dumb [royal] things I want:

Royal Wedding collector’s mug:

One side features Will, the other side features Kate. Available for $12.75 on etsy

Next up, the most amazing tote bag, featuring the Royal Wedding procession route:

Royal Wedding commemorative tote bag, available for $22.50 on etsy

Royal Wedding you can eat:

Royal cookies! via etsy

And saving the best for last…the quirkiest thing I’ve ever seen:

British hotel chain Premier Inn wants you to be king and queen for the night with these Will and Kate sheets! The sheets feature Will and Kate from the neck down…all that’s missing is…your head. According to, “guests are advised to request this upgrade well in advance.” You better believe I’d be upgrading!

And now for my current Royal fashion obsession, LUSCIOUS LIDS! I may be making my own fascinator tonight…so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s an idea of the headwear you might see on Friday:

Black derby hat, $197.50 on etsy

Couture feather hat headband, $218 on etsy

Velvet beret hat, $95 on etsy

Couture floppy derby hat, $195 via Arturo Rios

Hot pink fascinator (I LOVE THIS!!), $165 via Arturo Rios

Couture red bow fascinator, $340 via Arturo Rios

What do you think?? Which one is your favorite??

(Puppy hat pic via etsy)

Dumb things I want: Royal Edition

April 26, 2011

This is the blog post wherein I list all the Royal Wedding memorabilia I want:

Clockwise from top left: Kate and William Pez dispensers, Prince William face mask, printable William and Kate cupcake toppers $2.95 on etsy, William and Kate tea bags, “It Should Have Been Me” memorable plate, Royal Wedding sick bag, Kate Middleton face mask

What’s your favorite??

Countdown: 3 days!

Royal Week: experience #1

April 25, 2011

I’m OBSESSED with the royal wedding. In honor of the event, I’ll be doing several posts leading up to the wee hours of Friday morning, when I will be watching with the rest of the world!

This weekend, Stephen and I went to check out this amazing cafe/shop/art space called Royal/T Cafe. Whilst this has nothing to do with the actual Royal Wedding, it was ROYAL T cafe!

Image via Royal/T Cafe

The space is so cool. You walk in and art is immediately surrounding you. They have an awesome shop on the left, with a ton of incredible artsy, kitschy items for sale, as well as great art books and artwork. My favorite items for sale were these Pantone folding chairs! On your right is the beginning of the gallery, which runs along into the back of the space. In the center of the space is the cafe area, with tables right next to the artwork. Stephen and I enjoyed some Intelligentsia coffee and delicious pastries:

Me in the cafe!

Facing the front of the space.

My delicious coconut cupcake!

Delicious Intelligentsia coffee (with a royal chocolate!)

I was really impressed with the caliber of the art in the exhibition. They had several Shephard Fairey pieces:

And some other amazing pieces:

The current exhibition is called “facemaker,” and you called it–it’s all about the face. I really recommend checking it out!

Current outdoor facade of Royal/T

After our trip to Royal/T, we went straight to Best Buy to pick up an antenna for our TV so we can watch the Royal Wedding live! I was planning to watch it on YouTube, but I think this will be a bit more reliable. 🙂

More to come on my Royal Wedding obsession…

green it!

April 22, 2011

In honor of Earth Day, some creative uses of earth and flowers:

Image of Stalk Bicycles via Far Out Flora

DIY Succulent Dresser by Grizzly Bear Modern

Landscape designer Judy Kameon’s garden, as featured in New York Times Style Magazine

Elephants! via The Lovely Plants

and it was all yellow.

April 21, 2011

I’m loving marigold this spring. Here are a few of my favorite examples lately. Thanks to Storme for modeling her amazing vintage dress.

Satchel from my hubby from Cambridge Satchel Company
Photo of Victoria Beckham from