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not wonderful yet

March 17, 2011

But it’ll do. Also, I should have done this post BEFORE yesterday’s office of the gods. Impossible to follow that kind of gorgeous.

Anyhow, I’ve had several people ask me to post some pics of my own home office (or home nook/closet/matchbox, as is more accurate), so I wanted to show you what I’ve done to make it functional. There’s obviously a ton that I could do to improve it further, so suggestions/donations are MORE than welcome. Sorry for the lo-fi images. Item descriptions after the photos…

As you can see, my office basically is the vanity in the hallway. if you’re looking from this perspective, to your left is the living room/entry, to the right is the bathroom (you can see the blue and pink tile) and behind you is the bedroom. We took this apartment because of this little desk/vanity nook that I wanted to turn into my workspace. It saves us a ton in rent to use this instead of renting a two bedroom.

We recently got addicted to chalkboard paint. So I incorporated that on my desktop surface so I can write notes or doodle. I love it! Slight sidenote–here’s how we used chalkboard paint in our dining room (picture frames from Goodwill!):

The best part about chalkboard paint? It’s inexpensive! We used Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint in black, for $16.99/quart. One quart was enough for our dining room wall and my desktop with plenty more leftover for other surfaces and touch-ups.

Ok, back to the office.

Next, the bookshelves. We bought these when we lived at our previous apartment to spice up the walls. In our new place, we hadn’t decided where these should go. I personally derive comfort from being surrounded by beautiful words, so I decided to display my favorite books in the workspace. These Umbra invisible bookshelves are from the Container Store. I used three and they run $9.99 each. I wouldn’t recommend getting the large size unless your books are really big–like 11×14 covers. Your smaller/average-size books wouldn’t fit on the large shelves.

One of the most important items in your office is a comfortable chair. I LOVE my chair! I wanted something modern that allows you to adjust the height. I splurged on my ripple ivory leather office chair from Crate & Barrel at $299, but I figured it’s a worthy investment since it’s where I spend most of my day.

Other details (inspired by travels):
Framed picture on the left: purchased in Melbourne, Australia, from the artist Matt Irwin
World map journal/mouse pad: stolen from Stephen. Similar items found here on etsy
Chess box: purchased in Cusco, Peru

As you can see, I could do a lot more to make this more gorgeous (wallpaper? Just paint the whole thing hot pink?), so any suggestions are welcome!

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  1. March 18, 2011 3:31 pm

    LOVE this! 🙂 It is great… the one you posted the other day was FABULOUS, mainly because of that cool wallpaper but I think yours is absolutely perfect. The chalkboard paint is a really cool idea. Nice work! I’ll let you know how our little project turns out… the bf is probably the messiest person alive so fingers crossed I can channel my mom’s organizational skills and put the man on a system. Haha. 🙂

  2. April 6, 2011 11:56 pm

    Gorgeous! And I LOVE love love the chalkboard as decor!!!

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