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resolutions v. 25.0

December 16, 2010

My family was always into making New Year’s resolutions, as many people do every year. I love the idea of starting fresh, breaking bad habits, building good habits, and setting goals.

If you’ve been reading my blog these past few months, you know that Stephen and I have been working out with a personal trainer and frequenting the gym. After dragging my booty up the side of a mountain on our trek to Machu Picchu, I decided getting in shape was long overdue. Since starting our gym routine, I haven’t seen a reduction measured in inches per se, but I absolutely feel stronger and have more endurance and energy. Surely the inches will start to decrease in number soon…

Anyhow, in the spirit of physical fitness, new beginnings and setting goals, the other day I jokingly asked Stephen if he wanted to run a half marathon with me next year. Unfortunately, he was totally into it. Blast. So here is resolution #1: We will, my friends, be making our way from Griffith Park to downtown LA next October for the LA Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon–all 13.1 miles. WOW.

Let me just say now that the farthest I’ve ever run is 5 miles. And that was like, 10 years ago and pre-ankle surgery. The other day at the gym I did 1.5 miles and almost died. So I definitely have a long way to go to get in better aerobic shape, but luckily we have 11 months until the race. I’m definitely going to be closely blogging my progress and would seriously die to get any fellow runners’ advice on things like diet during training and during the race, best shoes (I’ve had mine for like 6 months–will I need a new pair before the race?), pacing yourself, avoiding injuries, etc. Please share your tips, because I want to look like this on race day:


Not this:


Also, sort of a random segue (I promise it’s related) but my friend Jeami Duncan from our church is a saint. Why? Because she took a trip to Uganda, saw what was there, came home, quit her job and started an organization that raised money to buy land and build a school in Africa. I know. She is AMAZE. The organization she founded is called Mercy’s Village International and the school is under construction as we speak. Stephen and I sponsor a Ugandan child, Oscar, through World Vision, so we care deeply about the children there and appreciate so much what Jeami is accomplishing. SO–tying back to the half-marathon–we are going to be running for Mercy’s Village! We hope to get a group together to raise money for the completion of the school, uniforms for the children, etc. If you are at all interested in seeing this girl’s whipped-into-shape booty cross the finish line next year, would you consider supporting each painstaking mile and in turn, helping children in Uganda? Even $1/mile would be awesome but I bet in 11 months you could contribute even more!

I have honestly never been a person that really asks people for sponsorship or donations, but I’m asking this time because I really believe in what Mercy’s Village is doing in Uganda, and because I am DETERMINED to finish the race!

So that’s resolution #1 for 2011, and a pretty big one at that. I’m not sure how many other major goals I’ll be committing to this New Year’s…but I’m very excited about this one. Please leave a comment about running, your resolutions or anything!

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  1. December 17, 2010 12:31 pm

    Who’s up for a run tomorrow? AMIRIGHT?!

  2. January 7, 2011 10:09 am

    Can’t believe I’m going to do it too…. ugh… at least this was an inspiring post for me! 🙂

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