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life is funny.

June 13, 2007

it’s summer. you know the drill.

i’m learning, loving, wondering, praying, hoping, adjusting…still.

i miss the glory days of xanga. and recreational musings.

and i hope that one day i’ll live freely and fully in the moment.

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  1. June 14, 2007 2:49 pm

    this is rachel…found this randomly on my email, and was like omw! xanga! then i had a flood of memories come through of freshman year..then it all went to facebook…and myspace…blah. what happened to when we used to write to eachother? now we just “look”…ya know? although i remember never being good at writing in here, but always being inspired by people like you that are good at it=) anyways, so in my sheer boredom at work i started a new xanga (b/c i deleted my old one a long time ago) anyways, and my username is r8chel06 look me up, i tried to find you through my new one and not this old rachelandkatie one (which was funny, but a flop) lol, but it wouldn’t work. i have to go now bc jordan and i are a/b to go to oklahoma for a day…random. so find me=) and i’ll make my site look better, i didn’t have much time and its way more complicated than the old xanga…=) love your blogs. hope you’re doing well…miss you.

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