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2007 is teeming with life

January 2, 2007

so this is the new year…we’re on day two and possibilities are as vast as the universe–for some reason the gravity of that doesn’t fall hard on me. im sitting at my house in san antonio in my pajamas because it’s christmas vacation and that’s what you do…and i’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible because it will be one of the last times i can take a month off school or work and hide out under the safety of a house that i don’t have to pay for and drive around a city that i know intimately. a couple of nights ago anna and i signed a pact that next year on new years eve 2008 we’re going to paris and we’re going to stand around the eiffel tower and scream “HAPPY NEW YEAR” under millions of lights…and then fly to new york city and somehow find a way to make it to time’s square and watch the ball drop and revel wildly in our double new year’s global extravaganza. it just seems like it would be the appropriate thing to do in that situation.

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  1. January 2, 2007 4:30 pm

    i slightly remember signing something as well…

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