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as usual, i overcommit.

June 12, 2006

so i came up with this genius idea that i was going to create a xanga post consisting entirely of my favorite comments of all time. we must put this in perspective by remembering that only until recently (the past few months), i used to average about 10 comments per post. what happened to those days when xanga LIVED? anyway, i tried to go through all my posts but there are just too many…and so many great comments…but i did my best to compile a few…here they are:

“So you are the cheese ball thief. Why would they want to come and try the
cheese balls if you are going to throw them down the stairs. lol.” -chantz

“i definitely need to boost my xanga. as u can see everyone, katie is
clearly an amazing xangaer. if u can grab over 10 comments a day, your pretty
snappy. i, on the other hand, scour the floor for a measly two a day. lying on
the ground suffocating from dustballs, i will take your scraps any day. just be
gracious enough to throw them on me please! haha. i like this entry. its truly
intellectual, see what your site has done. oh so much wonderfullness to be
found here. from now on i will read your post before i write mine, so i may
gain writing with integrity and creativity!” –preston

“Ok, you seriously have to slow it down with the inspirational weblogs. I am
feeling my crown somewhat threatened by the fact that I probably couldn’t have
written something as good as this about my trip to a school or any kind or my
life before Xanga (dare we even think of suck dark and unfulfilling times?).

This means war, Ms. Farnam. I’ll begin preparation for my awesome post by
reading my dear friend Webster’s works, known by many as the dictionary and by
still more as the scariest book they’re ever scanned the pages of. After the
expansion of my vocabulary is complete, I will proceed to write something
indescribable, quite possibly collecting as many as 30 comments. Just sit back
and be amazed.” -joel

“You should write books for a living. OR not even books. heck it doesnt
really matter what you write,  just be a writer.” -dustin d.

“weeeee for new layouts. lol it makes me happy that above the comment box in
which i am currently commenting, there is a link which says “Goblin box
not working?    Goblin help” the second one is in all caps
and almost looks like “GOBLIN!! HELP!!” or at least, thats how i
imagine you would say it…. anywho. i wonder if other people get this excited
when stuff is named after them. like sacajewea for instance. did she see the
gold coin made with her likeness gracing its front? did she find joy in hearing
people go to the bank and say “i’d like to exchange these dollars for
three sacajewea coins, thank you”? when burger king was named after the
burger king… well, you get the picture.” -goblin

“ya know whats really fun is when you’ve spent 15 minutes ringing up ONE
customer because they’re buying clothes for them, their kids, their cousins,
their future grandchildren, their uncles half sister, their dog, and their next
door neighbor (oh and you know all of this because they sit their and tell you
as you ring it up), just to find out that all three of their credit cards are
declined and of course they have no cash or checks on them (isn’t that
convienient), and then they get mad (like it’s your fault that their
credit was declined) and they push all the stuff (that you just spent 15
minutes ringing and folding) onto the floor………..oh oh or when a customer
comes in asking where we keep our black jeans (who wears black jeans anymore?!?
besides joel davis) and when you tell them that this store doesn’t
carry black jeans, but we have black slacks, they look at you funny and say (in
their best hick accent) “well thats stupid, ya gots blue jeans over
yonder, why dont cha got black ones?” ….” -stephanie brasher

“2 props for Hanson.  I love the this time around music video where the
dummer twirls his drumstick.

– Closet Hanson Fan” -blake HA

“I, the goblin, would like to bestow upon you, the katie, an honorary goblin
and 2 eflava.

picture 1: john’s face is saying “oh no! not again! is it beating time
already??” are the beatings a common occurrence?

picture 2: i was reading the caption and because of your layout i just saw
“demon” in the word “demonstration” and i thought you had
photo documented an exorcism. i was beginning to think that
“yearbook” was simply a code word for caveman-like, demon possessed
behavior which had to be regulated by Chief John Sits in Big Chair who, in
turn, had to be regulated by Chieftess Katie Hits With Big Stick. this whole
entry could be far improved w/ some tarzan outfits. and bones through the hair.

picture 5: yikes.

thus spaketh the goblin.” -goblin

just to name a few.

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  1. June 12, 2006 1:26 pm

    i feel like i want to commit with something witty to compliment your very funny/smart entry but I dont want to look like I was trying to make it onto the “funniest comments page” so i wont say anything of that nature.nice entry. i liked it. i laughed.

  2. June 12, 2006 4:48 pm

    mmm, that’s good. I like your post, and I love your music (the music you claim to have been listening to while writing your post)…I was hoping to find my name among those great comments (I’m vain), but I didn’t, and it’s okay, because it was good without me. Well done

  3. June 13, 2006 3:29 pm

    i didnt make the cut. damn.

  4. June 18, 2006 1:52 am

    muuuhahahaha. i am soooo hilarious. i want to find that post where the last comment occurred, b/c i think it would be 100% funnier w/ the pictures. or at least 80% funnier.

  5. June 19, 2006 4:33 pm

    Hey I said I think!!! Odds are it probably won’t work out.

  6. June 20, 2006 12:08 am

    oh how i miss thee.

  7. June 23, 2006 1:50 am

    nyu. i’m applying for a spring program next year.. thank you for asking. how’s your summer going?

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